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(The Massage, continued...)

You don’t dare tell your girlfriend about how Sandra almost made you cum.

“The massage was ok. She needs more practice” you grunt, then change the subject.

That night you lie awake unable to sleep. Visions of the sexy Sandra in her summer dress haunt you. You jerk your cock, fantasising about what might have happened if you’d turned over and let her see your erection. What was the worst thing that could have happened?

You beat off, imagining that it is Sandra’s hand on your cock, then her warm, wet sucking mouth. You ejaculate into your hand, dreaming of shooting it all over her pretty face and delicious tits. “Oh Sandra…” you groan.

“What did you just say?” asks your girlfriend with a venomous tone. It turns out that you woke her several minutes ago by shaking the bed too much.

You’re in trouble now.

The End