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(The Massage, continued...)

You decide you’ll deal with the consequences later, and abandon yourself to the moment. With Sandra’s soft hands stroking and caressing the backs of your thighs, you moan loudly and start trying to fuck the massage table.

“Um… What are you doing?” asks Sandra warily, taking her hands off you and stepping back.

You have to think quickly. “Cramp! Arghhh!” you cry.

“Where?” asks Sandra, very concerned.

You spit out the words through feigned agony. “Both… butt… cheeks! Help!”

Sandra comes over and pulls your underwear into a wedgie, exposing your ass. Then she starts roughly kneading your butt cheeks, trying to find the knotted muscle. Unknown to Sandra, she’s grinding your massive dick harder and harder against the rough towel.

“Ahhhhh! That’s it!” you groan, and start cumming like a fire hose. You shoot your copious load all over the towel and up your stomach, while Sandra’s knuckles vigorously pummel your buttocks. Finally you breathe a sigh of relief.

“Is that better?” asks Sandra.

“Oh yeah,” you sigh, lying in a pool of your own sticky sperm. Sandra is oblivious.

You both decide that it might be better to stop there for today. Sandra says that she felt a lot of tension in your body, and you should probably come back in a few days for another try. Then she leaves the room so you can get dressed.

You clean yourself up and throw the cum-stained towel out the window so you can retrieve it when you leave. There are enough towels in the room that she probably won’t notice it missing. The perfect crime!

The End