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(The Massage, continued...)

“That’s it, Sandra, you’ve really found the spot. Can you go harder?” you ask.

Sandra is happy to oblige. She puts one knee up on the table so she can get a better angle and starts getting really stuck in. You are just one stroke away from orgasm, when her other foot momentarily leaves the floor.

This is too much for the massage table, which collapses. You end up on your back on the floor, with Sandra on top of you. Your cock is nestled in her cleavage. Feeling something amiss, she looks down towards her chest. The eye of your dick winks at her and she gasps in shock.

It is at this point that you explode. A massive stream of cum hits Sandra in the face. She recoils as multiple spurts shoot in her mouth, up her nose, in her ear and gooey streams desecrate her perfectly neat blonde hair.

“Oh my fucking God!” she screams, choking and spitting out cum. She pushes away from you and falls backward onto her ass, her dress in disarray. You stare at her bulging cleavage and her cum-blasted face. A drop of semen falls from her chin and lands between her breasts.

Your erection remains, like an unwanted guest at a party. You both stare at it in shock.

You clear your throat in preparation for saying something to rectify the situation. Nothing particularly intelligent comes to mind. Then your cock twitches and expels a final dribble of cum, before flopping over to the side. For some reason you find this hilarious. You try to suppress your laughter, but can’t help snorting.

Sandra cracks a smile, then laughs too. The sheer absurdity of the situation serves to dispel the horror. She throws your clothes at you and you begin dressing, while she wipes your semen off her face with a towel, shaking her head gently in disbelief.

“We are never, ever, going to mention this again,” she says firmly.

“Absolutely not” you reply. “Same time next week?”

The End