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(The Massage, continued...)

You grab Sandra by the back of the head and pull her face into your crotch. “Hey, hang on a minute!” she shouts as your cock slides across her cheek and into her ear. Then you grab a bunch of her golden hair in one hand and your cock with the other, pressing her red lips against your knob.

She struggles and squirms but can’t break free, so she eventually gives up and lets you slide your dick deep into her warm, wet mouth.

You sit up on the table and face-fuck Sandra with two hands on her head. Her once-perfect hair is all messed up and feels so soft. Your rhythm increases in tempo and she grabs your hips with hands, trying to slow your thrusting to a more manageable pace. Strange wet sloppy sounds emanate from her mouth and throat as her head bobs up and down on your shaft.