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(The Massage, continued...)

Sandra’s oily hand feels so good around your shaft as she alternates between slow, gentle stroking and vigorous pumping. If you’re not careful, this will all be over way too soon.

“It’s getting pretty hot in here” you say.

“Yeah baby” replies Sandra, jerking away happily.

“No, I mean, aren’t you hot? You know… in that dress?”

Sandra gets the hint and smiles shyly. “You want to see me naked?”

“I think about it all the time,” you reply truthfully.

She releases your cock so she can undo her buttons and the bow at her waist. Then she shimmies her sexy body out of the dress and stands there in skimpy white panties and high heels.

She looks at you nervously, smiling and biting her lip.

“God Sandra, you’re so hot!” you say, and you mean it. Years of fantasizing about this moment could possibly have ruined it, as no woman could live up to the fantasy in your head. But at this point, you are just so damn excited to see Sandra naked, that her flaws don’t matter.

Sandra grabs your cock again and resumes jerking. You stare at her full round tits and notice her nipples stiffening in the cool air.

“Now you’ve got something nice to look at” smiles Sandra, then leans forward and rubs your cock against each of her erect nipples in turn, making them shiny with pre-cum.

“Is this good?” she asks, squeezing her tits around your shaft.