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(The Massage, continued...)

As Sandra continues to stroke your cock, you reach over and place your hand on the back of her thigh, then slide it up under her dress. She tenses up and stops wanking you, but doesn’t move away.

You give her a gentle squeeze at the top of her thigh right below her ass and then slide your hand between her legs, the length of your forefinger pressing against her panty-covered slit. She sighs and relaxes, parting her legs and moving her hips toward you for better access.

You slide your hand back and forth, rubbing her warm, slightly sweaty crotch through her panties, pressing the silky material between her pussy lips. Then, with one fingertip just inside the edge of her panties, you trace your way up over the curve of her buttock. You grab her soft round butt cheek and give it a squeeze.

Sandra sighs and leans forward further, cradling your cock against her chest. She reaches round and pulls her dress up obligingly, revealing her sexy bottom to you in all its glory.

You run your hand from cheek to cheek, fondling her ass over her silky white panties. Sandra starts shifting her weight from one leg to the other, making her delectable derriere squirm as you grope it.

“Mmmm… that’s nice,” sighs Sandra. “I love having my butt stroked.”

You slide your hand into the waist of her panties and start feeling around inside, caressing her bare buttocks for a while before delving down between her legs. This action pulls her panties down to her upper thighs, exposing her naked ass. In her bent-over position her pussy is also visible, nestled in a neat patch of soft, golden pubic hair.

You slowly work two fingers into her tight, slippery cunt and start finger-fucking her. Her knees draw together briefly as she’s penetrated, causing her panties to drop to the floor. She moans softly and starts jerking your cock again.