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(The Massage, continued...)

You tense up and force your cock as deep into Sandra’s throat for three final deep thrusts. “Gak… gak… gak…” says Sandra cryptically.

Finally, with a massive groan you blow your load inside her. Her eyes widen as her mouth fills with cum. She pushes against you in an attempt to get free, but you keep your cock in her mouth until you’ve finished squirting, enjoying the feeling of her gagging and swallowing your seed.

When you release her she staggers away, spitting out what little semen she hadn’t swallowed. “You filthy bastard” she mutters, wiping her mouth.

An apology seems appropriate. “Sorry,” you say.

“What?” she splutters.

“Sorry. Are we good now?” you ask hopefully.

Sandra ungraciously rejects your apology and kicks you out. Apparently she was disappointed by the experience and doesn’t want another.

Never mind. There are plenty more fish in the sea!

The End