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(The Massage, continued...)

You release Sandra’s head, and she pulls back with a gasp, a string of saliva joining her lips to your knob. Then, to your surprise, she starts licking your shaft, working her way up from the balls to the head.

“You’re lucky I love doing this, you bastard” she says, then engulfs your cock with her mouth and starts trying to suck out your kidneys through your penis. She can’t fit it all in her mouth so she jerks the lower half with her hand at the same time.

Soon you reach the point of no return and groan “I’m cumming…”

Sandra jacks you off into her mouth while her tongue flicks around the tip of your cock, and you erupt with the biggest orgasm you’ve had in your life. Your first blasts of sperm shoot up her nose, but she catches the rest in her mouth. What she doesn’t swallow drips down onto your balls, joining them to her chin with a gooey rope of spit and semen. Then she finishes up by smearing your cum all over her face using your knob as a paintbrush.

You lie there completely spent while Sandra licks you clean. Then, before you can resist, she gives you a deep, cum-flavoured French kiss.

“I’m your little cum-slut, baby” she purrs. “We’re going to do this again… often!”

So starts a long and passionate affair. And a slightly disturbing addiction to the taste of your own sperm.

The End