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(The Massage, continued...)

“That’s fantastic Sandra,” you reply, “But you know what would be great? A body-slide!”

“What’s that?” asks the clueless blonde, continuing to rub your cock against her nipples.

“It’s a common technique, I’m surprised you haven’t covered it in your lessons. It involves you taking those panties off, squirting oil all over your naked body, then sliding your tits and ass all over me.”

Sandra frowns. “Maybe we learn that next week…”

She pauses to think, while gazing at your cock and absent-mindedly stroking herself through her panties. “I’ll try, but I don’t know if I’ll be any good,” she finally says.

While you ponder exactly how she could make the experience any less than ball-shatteringly awesome, Sandra throws some towels over the bed. “I don’t think the table will take the weight” she explains.

You move over to the bed and lie down. Sandra slides her hands down her hips, fingers slipping inside her lacy panties. She wriggles as she pulls them down, then kicks them aside. You note with pleasure that her soft blonde bush is very closely trimmed and she’s shaved around her pussy. Your dreams of seeing her totally naked have now come true!

Sandra grabs the bottle of massage oil and squirts it all over her beautiful tits. Streams of oil run down her trim stomach, over her pubic mound and down her thighs. Then she runs her hands all over the front of her body, spreading the oil all over.

“Don’t forget your ass” you say. She turns around and makes a show of slowly rubbing the oil over her firm buttocks, wiggling them at you as she kneads and strokes them.

Sufficiently lubricated, Sandra climbs on top of you then flattens her body against you with a squelch. She touches the tip of her nose against yours. Her breath smells minty and you go in for a kiss, but she smiles and slithers down and away.

Up and down she slides, rubbing her firm tits against your chest, stomach and thighs. Your rock-hard dick is sandwiched between your oily bodies.

You wrap your arms around her and hold her tight, grabbing her slippery backside at your first opportunity. She giggles and slithers free, then sits astride you. Your cock is flattened against your stomach, pressed down by her pussy. She rocks her hips, sliding her cunt forward and back along your shaft.