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(The Massage, continued...)

“Oh Sandra, what you’re doing is amazing!” you cry, thrusting your hips so your cock slides up between her breasts and bumps her on the chin.

“So that’s what you want, huh?” giggles Sandra. She presses her tits around your shaft and slides them up and down as you thrust.

You grab the bottle of massage oil and squirt it into her cleavage while continuing to fuck her delicious tit flesh.

“Cum for me baby” coos Sandra encouragingly. “I wanna see you explode!”

You groan and start blasting sperm all over Sandra’s neck and between her soft breasts. You manage half a dozen spurts, coating her chest with thick white semen.

Sandra straightens up and wipes your cock clean on her stomach. A mixture of massage oil and man-juice is trickling down towards her panties. A ray of afternoon sunlight strikes her, making her sexy body shine and glisten.

The vision is so transcendent you wonder why Botticelli never painted a scene like that.

The End