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(The Massage, continued...)

Gazing at the lewd display of Sandra’s rounded butt and pretty pussy, you feel a strong desire to have them on your face. You pull her closer to the table. “Get up here,” you whisper.

“I’m not sure…” begins Sandra.

“Get up here, I wanna eat your pussy,” you insist.

Sandra cautiously climbs up onto the massage table into a sixty-nine position. You grab her narrow hips and draw her succulent ass towards your face…

With a loud crash, your end of the cheap massage table suddenly collapses due to the excessive weight. Your head hits the ground hard and Sandra’s buttocks simultaneously slam into your face, giving you exactly what you wanted, and yet, not.

Your nose is up her pussy, your mouth is full of pubic hair and you think you might have broken your neck. Also, Sandra might have head-butted your testicles on the way down. The situation is a bit of a mixed bag, really.

Sandra gently climbs off you and you both assess your injuries. You are relieved to discover you can still wiggle your toes.

“I think this is a sign we shouldn’t be doing this,” says Sandra ruefully.

“I think it’s a sign you should maybe get a better massage table” you reply.

The End