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(The Massage, continued...)

You lie on the massage table with Sandra bending over you, dress around her waist, jerking your cock against her dangling breasts. Your two fingers pump into her from behind while your thumb rubs her clit, slick with her juices.

The room is full of the wet sounds of your fingers thrusting into Sandra’s pussy and your cock sliding in Sandra’s oily grasp, accompanied by her soft moans and your laboured breathing. As her moaning gets louder she starts squirming her butt around, grinding back on your hand.

“Oh God, that’s the spot!” pants Sandra. With your thumb on her clit and your fingers in her tunnel you hit her pleasure centre from both sides.

Sandra’s legs quiver as she cums and her pussy muscles twitch around your fingers. She’s looking straight back at you as her orgasm hits, her beautiful face contorted in ecstasy. “Ohhhhhhh my fucking God!” she gasps, clutching your cock against her breasts.

This sets you off. You pump what feels like gallons of sperm over Sandra’s throat and chest. It dribbles down between her boobs and inside her dress.

Sandra stretches over you and gives you a deep French kiss while your cock oozes sperm against her firm tummy. When she steps back you see her dress is soaked with cum. Then she picks her panties up off the floor and uses them to wipe your cock and balls dry.

“Lucky it’s laundry day” she jokes.

The End