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(The Massage, continued...)

You stop spanking Sandra and gently stroke her ass to calm her down.

“That’s better,” she sighs, starting to get up. “I don’t really like…”

You cut her sentence short by pushing her back down and slamming your cock right up her tight blonde pussy.

“Oooof!” gasps Sandra, all the air knocked out of her. You can see the reflection of her face in the mirror as you fuck her. She looks so beautiful with her eyes and mouth wide open in pleasant surprise, getting pushed forward and back with her tits pressed against the table. Her quivering cunt is warm and wet around your rock-hard shaft.

“Oh God, I’ve wanted this so bad!” she groans when she catches her breath. “Fuck me! Keep fucking me!”

You hadn’t planned on stopping. You reach forward and stick your fingers in her mouth. She sucks on them greedily until you withdraw them with a pop. Then you reach around between her legs and start rubbing her clitoris, using her own spit as lubricant. You pick up the pace, giving Sandra the doggy-fucking she deserves while she moans and pants uncontrollably.

“The Star Wars prequels rock!” she exclaims, clearly driven insane by pleasure.

Sandra’s pussy starts clenching as her orgasm hits, and this sets you off too. “In or out?” you gasp quickly, ever the gentleman.

“Out!” replies Sandra.

Too late! The first spurt of cum goes deep in her cunt before you can withdraw. The rest splatters over her bottom and pussy lips while you jack your dick furiously. You then wipe your cock clean between her ass cheeks.

“Fuck Sandra, that was incredible!” you say, pulling her panties back up her legs and over her gooey buttocks. She stands up on wobbly legs, her summer dress falling back down to conceal her sperm-filled underwear.

“Next time I’m calling the shots,” she says, giving you a passionate kiss. “Now get dressed. Your dick is dripping on my carpet.”

The End