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(The Massage, continued...)

You gaze at Sandra’s naked body as she grinds her clit against your cock. It’s a glorious image and you make a concerted effort to burn it into your memory.

The outer lips of her vagina enfold the sides of your shaft and slither up and down it. It’s getting very wet down there and it isn’t only the massage oil. She’s obviously getting very aroused. Her eyelids flutter and she bites her lower lip.

Sandra reaches down and begins fingering herself while you squeeze her dangling tits and tweak her hard nipples. She groans and spasms twice as her orgasm hits her, then she falls forward onto you.

You wrap your arms around her and this time she lets you kiss her, a deep passionate entwining of tongues. You thrust your hips, rubbing your cock against her oily belly and pubes while you grope her ass. This quickly brings you to the edge.

You blow your load between your writhing bodies, turning the pair of you into a sperm sandwich. Sandra slithers and slides around on top of you and then wriggles downward, sliding her tits through the mixture of semen and oil.

“How was that for a body-slide?” she asks cheekily.

You have to admit that, for a first time, it was pretty damn good.

The End