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(The Massage, continued...)

You grab the bottle of massage oil and spread Sandra’s buttocks, squirting the warm lubricant up and down her ass crack. Then you press your knob against her little pink asshole.

“You wouldn’t dare!” gasps Sandra.

Apparently you would. It takes a bit of pressure but once her sphincter relaxes you are soon balls deep in her ass and pumping furiously.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” shouts Sandra, which surprises you because you didn’t think she was particularly religious.

The room echoes with the sound of your hips slapping against her soft butt cheeks and her loud moaning. You reach forward and stick a finger in her mouth, fish-hooking her. She bites your fingers, but not too hard.

You grab a handful of Sandra’s golden hair, yank her head back and unload your balls deep in her ass. When you finally pull out you notice that she’s frantically fingering herself. She cums soon after, so you must have been doing something right.

You can’t resist giving her another couple of spanks though. Jerk.

The End