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(The Massage, continued...)

You desperately want to fuck Sandra. Your cock is rubbing up and down her pussy as she humps you in a reverse cowgirl position. If she made just the slightest mistake then you would be inside her.

She’s busy fingering her clit and can’t see what you’re doing. You decide to go for it. When she’s bent forward the furthest and your knob is closest to her entrance, you give your cock a little push with your thumb.

Bingo! Your cock head slides along her gaping slit then disappears between her inner lips and pops into her cunt. “Oh my!” she exclaims, trying to climb off it. She thinks it was her fault. “I didn’t mean for that to happen!” she wails.

“No problem!” you groan, grabbing her waist and pulling her pussy down your shaft until you are buried to the hilt.

“Fuck that’s big!” she gasps, sitting on your hips and getting used to the feeling of your massive dick inside her. Then she starts bouncing up and down, her oily ass making wet slapping sounds against you.

Her cunt is warm and soft and wet. You feel it spasm. “Oh God, I just came!” moans Sandra.

“Keep going!” you cry. Sandra resumes humping you and fingering her clit while you squeeze and spank her bottom. Her cunt spasms again.

“Oh God, I came again!” she cries, and falls backwards against your body, just as you explode with your own orgasm. Your cock pops free of her twitching pussy and you spurt into the air. Sperm rains down over Sandra’s stomach and tits.

Lying on her back on top of you, Sandra turns her head to give you a deep kiss while she squeezes the last drops out of your cock with her thighs. Your hands roam over her sexy body, groping her firm tits and smearing oil and semen all around.

“Your girlfriend is a lucky girl,” sighs Sandra finally.

You’re feeling pretty lucky yourself.

The End