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(The Massage, continued...)

Your cock is sandwiched between Sandra’s round buttocks, which are fast becoming a jiggling blur as she wiggles her hips into a frenzy.

“I’m cumming!” you groan. Your cock shoots your load on your stomach while her ass cheeks milk your shaft.

“Me too!” gasps Sandra, furiously frigging herself. She slides backward off your dick, so that she is sitting in the warm and sticky pool of sperm on your stomach. Your cock pops up between her thighs and she uses it to rub her clit while she orgasms.

Finally she collapses forward on knees and elbows, cradling your cock against her chest. You have a fantastic view of her beautiful butt poking up high and proud, coated in a shiny film of massage oil and semen. Her pretty pink pussy is also on lewd display.

You can’t resist grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto your face. You stick your tongue up her pussy, then suck and lick her clit. With all the oil and sperm mingling with her own juices, the taste is interesting.

Sandra grinds her gooey ass into your face while you eat her out and she soon orgasms again, convulsing as you suck hard on her clit.

Your altruistic efforts pay off. “Nice boy. Next time I’ll let you fuck me,” whispers Sandra contentedly.

The End