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(The Massage, continued...)

You can’t stand the tease any longer. You wrap your arms around Sandra and try to get on top of her. This is harder than you anticipate as the oil has made her more slippery than a bar of soap.

You both spend an enjoyable minute wrestling on the bed, slipping and sliding around. She’s pushing at you and trying to get away, but it’s obviously play-fighting. Finally you get her where you want her. She’s pinned beneath you with her legs spread and you’re holding both wrists above her head.

Sandra stares into your eyes, panting with exertion. “Go on then, if you want it so much. Go on and fuck me!”

You adjust your hold of her wrists so you can free up one of your hands, which you use to position your cock, ready to plunge into her dripping pussy.

You dig your feet into the bed and forcefully thrust your hips, intending to ram her as deep as possible. Your cock gets in half-way, but you are alarmed to discover that the lack of friction has given your body a lot of forward momentum. You slide up her slippery torso, yanking your cock out of her cunt and almost snapping it in the process, finally coming to rest with your stomach on her face and your dick between her glistening breasts.

This isn’t such a bad position to be in. You straddle her chest and start fucking her tits. She helps by cupping them in her hands and squeezing them around your cock.