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(The Massage, continued...)

Sensing that her pussy is maybe a little too close to your cock for comfort, Sandra slithers back and starts humping your leg. Rubbing her crotch up and down your hairy thigh, she wanks you with one hand and fingers her clitoris with the other.

Gradually her skin becomes more and more flushed and her breathing rate increases. She won’t admit it to you but she desperately wants something shoved up her. Sandra slides her pussy down to your foot and starts fucking your big toe. This is nice and everything, but you can think of something more appropriate to fuck her with.

It looks like Sandra finally agrees. “Oh fuck it,” she gasps, then hauls her ass up your leg, grabs your dick and sinks her cunt down on it with a relieved groan.

Sandra’s tits bounce up and down as she humps your dick. She’s sweating now and her blonde hair is starting to stick to her forehead.

You grab her round, oily, sweaty ass and frantically thrust your hips as you get close to orgasm. You are not quite in sync with her bouncing so you pop out. There’s an agonizing moment as Sandra rummages for your cock, then she stuffs it back in and starts grinding her clit against your pubic bone.

Sandra gasps and her eyes widen as her orgasm hits. You feel contractions ripple through her cunt and this sets you off. You thrust upward and blow your load deep inside her.

Hot, sweaty, oily and exhausted, she collapses into your arms. Her orgasm was so strong that she’s shaking and there are tears in her eyes. You hold her tight, kissing her neck and stroking her hair.

It feels so right with Sandra in your arms. Lying there, you start to imagine a future with her.

You shower together (which is another story in itself) then leave, very happy and relaxed.

Later, Sandra has an epiphany. She’s good at these special massages, so she starts giving them to everyone. You can feel very proud that you helped her launch her new career.

The End