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(The Massage, continued...)

Your cock slides back and forth between Sandra’s oily breasts. You pump faster and faster, occasionally overshooting due to the lubrication and poking her in the chin.

Sandra gazes into your eyes and licks her lips. She looks so damn sexy that you can’t hold back any longer.

You shudder and groan as you shoot your load all over Sandra’s face. Streams of semen drape themselves over her cheeks, lips and neck. Sticky white droplets splatter her hair, shoot up her nose and dribble between her lips. You keep pumping and cumming, squeezing your final drops out between her tits. Then you take your gooey dick and shove it into her mouth for her to suck clean.

Sandra chokes and pushes you off her. “This isn’t a porn movie! I’m a person, not a cum-dumpster!”

You choose not to point out that this is, in fact, a work of interactive fiction and she’s lucky she’s not getting gang-banged by goblins or eaten by a grue.

The End