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(The Massage, continued...)

You don’t want to blow your load on Sandra’s tits (nice as they are) when her pussy is waiting. You position yourself for another entry attempt.

This time you go slower. As Sandra’s pussy stretches wide to accommodate your fat cock she lets out a long “Aaahhhhhh!”

Finally you are buried balls-deep in Sandra and your fantasies have come true. She wraps her arms around you, pulling you tight against her sexy body. You feel her hard nipples pressing into your chest. “Fuck me!” she whispers into your ear.

You thought you were already doing that. Now she’s probably going to claim it was her idea. Typical woman.

Sandra grabs your ass and you start pumping away. Your bodies are so slippery with oil that it’s an effort to stay on top of her and not shoot off somewhere. Her nails rake your back and she playfully bites your neck. The feel of her hot breath makes you shudder with pleasure.

She wraps her legs around you and starts jerking her hips in time with your thrusting. She’s panting heavily, and gasping “That’s it… oh God that’s it!”

You agree. Your balls boil over and you erupt deep into Sandra, redecorating her womb in a nice shade of white. She orgasms simultaneously, bucking and heaving under you. In your throes of passion you roll over so that she’s on top briefly, before she accidentally slithers off your oily torso and falls off the bed with a squeal and a wet thud.

You peek over the side of the bed. Sandra is lying on her back with her legs spread, oily, sweaty and leaking sperm on the carpet.

“Are you okay?” you ask.

“Awesome,” she groans.

Later, after you’ve showered and dressed, she calls out to you as you are leaving. “I don’t suppose you could help me up, though…”

The End