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The Premiere

You’re at your friend Matt’s place watching a movie review show and eating chips when you see Scarlett Watson being interviewed.

“What I wouldn’t give for an hour with her,” you say to yourself.

“She’s hot; who is she?” asks Matt.

“Are you kidding me? That’s Scarlett. Possibly the sexiest woman on the planet.”

“I wouldn’t know,” says Matt, popping another chip into his mouth. “I don’t normally watch TV.”

“Well watch,” you suggest, gazing at her beautiful curves. “She’s gorgeous. Look at that smile. She’s going to be at the premiere of her latest film tomorrow evening and I’m working, so I’ll get to see her in the flesh.”

“If you’re going to see her tomorrow, ‘in the flesh’, you should take the opportunity to do something about it.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

“She’s put a spell on you, so you could put a spell on her. You do remember that I’m a witch, don’t you? I don’t practice witchcraft just so I get to wear black. I have so many girls knocking on my door that I don’t have time to watch TV, even between dates.”

At that moment, someone knocks on his door.

“See?” he says. “Look. I need the apartment so I’m going to send you home now, but I’m going to hook you up first.”

He promises you a stealth potion to allow you to get past any security guards, then he lays out the options for putting an attraction spell on Scarlett.