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(The Premiere, continued...)

Matt pops down to his basement and runs back up the stairs with a short strip of film in his hands.

“Where did you get that?” you ask.

“Actually, you got it for me, after I enchanted you the first time. It was a long time ago. Like I said, I’m not a witch just because I like black. Forget that and come here.”

You’re kind of nervous after Matt’s revelation, but he is giving up his date to sit on the floor and make a spell with you, so you join him in cutting and enchanting the little strip of film that will supposedly get you close to Scarlett.

In the projection booth that night, you check your watch.

“What exactly are you doing in here?” asks Kenny, the head projectionist. “I’ve already programmed everything. They wouldn’t let you ruin the premiere, would they?”

“Shh,” you say.

At 21:52 precisely, your spliced segment of film is shown. It lasts approximately half a second. Maybe less.

From the booth, you can see the backs of many heads and, of course, the screen itself. Up in a stall, a woman in a red silk dress stands and appears to excuse herself from her party before making her way along the row and heading into darkness.

Three minutes later there is a knock on the door of the projection booth.

Kenny looks confused, but you answer it and there, on cue, in her beautiful, red silk dress, is Scarlett.

“Hi, Scarlett,” you say coolly.

Kenny jumps up from the desk he was sitting on.

Scarlett looks from Kenny to you.

“I need you,” she tells you.

“Who are you talking to?” asks Kenny hopefully.

“Him,” says Scarlett, staring at you and massaging her pussy through her dress. “I’m so wet I had to leave the theater and come straight to you.”