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(The Premiere, continued...)

Matt roots around behind the couch and pulls out a torch.

“You just happened to have that lying around, huh?”


“And I suppose it’s —”

“-Enchanted,” says Matt. “Shine it in her eyes and tell her what you want to happen. Even Scarlett Watson won’t be able to resist you.”

With that, Matt opens the door. He lets his date saunter in (she’s beautiful) and you slip out, hoping that his enchanted object works for you as well as they evidently work for him.

That night, while working at the grand cinema, you wait until the premiere has started and then you slip into the stall where Scarlett Watson is sitting. You start to work your way along the row.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” a guy protests.

You shine the torch into his eyes.

“Let me pass,” you say.

He sits down.

“You can’t come along here,” says one girl.

“I’m not here,” you tell her, shining the torch in her face.

She looks confused, but then looks through you and sits back down. She doesn’t even yelp when you accidentally step on her foot.

“What’s going on?” asks Scarlett Watson when you are close enough.

You shine the light in her eyes.

“Come,” you say.

She writhes in her seat, thighs rubbing, and begins to groan.

“No, I mean follow me,” you say, shining the light in her face again.

She stands and follows you out of the auditorium.

The popcorn stand has an office behind it that is normally empty, but Sally the Popcorn Girl is still working the stand. She catches your eye and her mouth drops when she notices that you are standing beside Scarlett. You give Sally a little wave.

“Don’t worry about her, Scarlett,” you say. “Keep up.”