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(The Premiere, continued...)

Scarlett Watson shoves Sally through the doorway and into the little room.

“Whatever,” says Scarlett. “Just get this done quickly. I’m so hot for you.”

You enter the room and shut the door behind you all. It’s true. It’s hot in there. Very hot.

Sally tentatively unties her apron as Scarlett adjusts her dress and lets it fall simply to the ground. In an instant, she is completely naked. No panties. No bra. No pubic hair.

“On the table?” she suggests.

“Table,” you agree.

Scarlett sits on the desk and helps you out of your trousers.

Sally moves in close to Scarlett for a kiss, but she shakes her head.

“You’re going to have to entertain yourself,” says Scarlett. “My lips are busy.”

“No problem,” whispers Sally, gazing at Scarlett’s beautiful body. Sally has stripped down to her pink panties. While still wearing her T-shirt, she licks her fingers and slips one hand into the waistband of her panties and she touches herself, watching Scarlett Watson begin to suck your cock.




It’s all Sally can keep saying and it’s all that you keep thinking.

Scarlett’s head is bobbing up and down and you let one hand rest on her head, thinking that this might be the touch to burst the bubble, but no. Scarlett groans and takes you deeper than before. You slide your fingers into her long, blonde hair and guide her, fast when you want it, slow when you prefer. She does whatever you demand.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” she manages to ask.

The mere suggestion, and that wonderful voice, is enough to make you cum. You reach down for her boobs and see that your hands are full as she gets a mouthful of your cum.

She slurps and sucks at your cock, licking the shaft, getting every drop.

“I think I’m gonna cum,” Sally announces.

“Come here,” says Scarlett.

Sally approaches and Scarlett pulls her close so that they can kiss, long and deep. It’s a real kiss, tongues exploring each other, eyes closed, lost in the moment. Scarlett slides one hand under Sally’s top and gives one breast a squeeze, making the young girl sigh with pleasure. Meanwhile, Scarlett also pushes herself back on the table and spreads her legs, giving you access to her shaved pussy.

Her pussy lips are pink and she’s clearly aroused.

“Spell don’t wear off now,” you whisper and then you’re up against the table, pushing your still hard cock into Scarlett. She’s wet and guides you in with the slender fingers of one hand, moaning and raising her back off the table as she pushes toward you and toward Sally in a paroxysm of pleasure.

You know when she comes because she shoves Sally away and begins panting. Her pussy tightens around you and is wetter than ever. Sally is still masturbating and now she squeals, high-pitched, mouse-like. You’ve thought about her cumming many times, but you’ve never imagined it sounding like that.

Scarlett collapses back on the table, gently pushing you away with the sole of one foot on your chest.

“That was incredible,” she says. Then she rubs her head and sits up. She shakes her head. “I feel weird. What am I even doing here?”

“You’ve got the munchies,” you tell her confidently and hand her another box of special salted popcorn.

The End