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(The Premiere, continued...)

“Bye, Kenny,” you say. “I guess you wish you’d been nicer to me.”

Scarlett Watson enters, her eyes on yours as she passes by. Her heels clomp across the floor and she looks around the room briefly, but really her attention is on you.

Kenny moves sloth-like towards the door.

In the doorway itself, he says: “Horatio, I don’t know why you … I can’t understand how … Why is it that she …?”

You shut the door on him.

“I want you to enjoy the show, Horatio,” Scarlett says, glancing at the viewing area in the booth. “It’s the premiere, so I don’t want you to miss out on anything.” She turns away from you and heads to the viewing window. “Nothing at all,” she says and hitches her dress up over her hips before bending over slowly.

She teases herself open for you with one hand. She uses the other to steady herself. She wasn’t exaggerating about being wet.

You slide your cock straight into her and she gasps as her pussy walls accommodate you.

“Damn it, Horatio, that’s good,” she says.

Her ass is amazing and you take your pleasure from her body while orchestral music rises and swells in the theater beyond the glass. You also hear the sound of your cock and balls slapping against her, and her increasingly-rapid panting.

“Yes,” she says. “Don’t stop.”

Scarlett Watson moves her hips in time to your thrusts in order to maximize your penetration and now she’s groaning, deep and animal-like. She rests her forehead against the glass and it steams up with her breath.

“Fuck me, Horatio,” she whispers.

You cum inside her before the end of the next scene. She’s laughing with the pleasure of having been taken by you. You see the reflection of her smile in the glass. Beyond, in the theater, she is again projected on the big screen.

“That … was … just what I needed …” she says.

You pull out and stand back, watching her straighten up and adjust her dress. Then, she turns and clomps to the door. With one slender hand on the handle, she asks:

“I don’t know who you are or why I’m saying this, but … when can I see you again?”

“I’ll arrange a private viewing,” you say.

The End