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(The Premiere, continued...)

“Come in,” you say and Scarlett Watson clips and clops into the room.

“Holy fuck,” Kenny says to himself, his eyes running over her beautiful figure. “That’s Scarlett Watson.”

To your surprise, it’s not her that seems unreal. It’s the room. It’s Kenny. It’s you.

“Kenny,” you say. “You should have been nicer to me, but now’s your chance to repent. Do you promise to give me whatever I ask?”

To illustrate why Kenny should do this, you ask Scarlett to remove her red silk dress.

Scarlett immediately adjusts the straps and down it goes. She steps out of the puddle of dress, naked.

“Kenny?” you say, to get his attention again. “Now, do you promise to give me whatever I ask?”

“Yeah,” says Kenny, open-mouthed. “Anything you say. Anything you want.”

“I’ve been working really hard,” you say to Scarlett. “Do you think you could sit on my cock, Scarlett, and make me cum?”

“I think I can manage that,” she says and she puts her hand on your chest, encouraging you to the floor.

You sit and then lie on the ground while she undoes your belt, your fly and then tugs your jeans down over your hips.

Scarlett gives your cock a wet kiss before positioning herself above you and lowering herself onto your cock. She’s warm and wet and wonderful.

“Ooooh!” she says and writhes on top of you, slowly, ever so slowly, enjoying every inch of you.

You have your eyes shut for a moment with the pleasure of it.

“You can give Kenny a blow job,” you say.

“Get your cock over here,” she says to Kenny.

Kenny hurries over and she helps him free his cock from his pants.

“Apparently, this lipstick is smudge-proof,” she tells him. “I’d like your opinion.”

With that, she takes his cock into her mouth whole, sucking him hard from the base of his shaft to his tip.

“Oh my fucking God!” he yells. “I can’t believe … I’m having my cock sucked … by … Scarlett!”

Scarlett grins up at him and then she really begins working her pelvis, her sexy body undulating and her pussy sliding beautifully and tightly around your cock. It feels great and you know that she is making sure that she has pressure on her clit as she moves too. It gives you a kick to know that she’s enjoying this as much as you are, even if she is bewitched.

Later, when Kenny comes, he pulls free of her and sprays his load in her face. It lands on her cheek and in her long, blonde hair.

“What the fuck?” says Scarlett. “Whacha do that for?”

“It’s what they do in the movies,” Kenny says, still holding his cock like a hose.

“Fuck’s sake,” Scarlett says and she wipes her face before turning her full attention to you. She puts her hands on your chest and leans forward, allowing her breasts to dangle toward you. You reach up and massage her breasts, beautiful and soft and full. Then she traces her fingers over your belly as you lean up and take her nipples in your mouth.

“Bite me,” she says. “Just gently.”

You do as she bids and within moments she is bucking wildly and her tits are bouncing against you, slapping you in the face.

“Yeah, Horatio,” she says, wincing and bouncing. “Fuck … yeah …”

Scarlett Watson cums and thrusts her pelvis against you.

“God, I think I love you,” she laughs to herself. She puts her palms flat on your chest again and works at your cock with one hundred percent attention, moving slowly with little flicks, almost pulling away from you completely before sinking onto you again.

You cum and she keeps moving, gently, massaging, milking.

“That was incredible,” you say, out of breath.

You’re still inside her when she collapses against you. You’re belly to belly, chest to chest, face to face.

You wonder how long the enchantment is going to last.

Scarlett frowns at you suddenly and you think that you have your answer, but then she says:

“Oh, Horatio. When can I see you again?”

You wonder if subliminal messaging works via SMS.

The End