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(The Premiere, continued...)

Scarlett Watson gets out of the limo outside the hotel and people look surprised when you get out after her. A lone paparazzi photographer snaps your photo.

The doorman opens the door for you both and you stride in.

Scarlett looks great in her slinky silk dress and high heels. She turns the foyer into a catwalk and a movie set, having the effect of making everything around her seem less real. Even you.

Nothing is really believable around her. The fact that she’s leading you by the hand to the elevator is no more or less believable than the people staring at your progress, or the flowers in the foyer or the elevator itself.

She pushes the button for the top floor and then pins you against the mirror at the back of the elevator. She has her hands on your wrists and her lips against yours.

“You taste good,” she says. “What have you been eating?”


The lift doors open and you have a short walk to the door of her room. She retrieves a card from her handbag and swipes it through the sensor.


Inside is the largest hotel room you have ever seen. There is a water feature in the lounge and two crystal chandeliers.

Scarlett raises the light level so that there is a glow in the room and then she shuts the door behind you both.

“I don’t think I can wait any longer,” Scarlett says snaking her hands over your shoulders and toying with your shirt and chest. “I want your hands all over me and your tongue inside me. Where shall we go?” She kisses your neck.