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(The Premiere, continued...)

You search for the button that makes the dividing screen go up between the passengers and the driver, but Scarlett gets there first. With her lips and body pressed against yours, she reaches behind her and pushes the button until the blacked-out screen reaches the top.

Then she raises her red silk dress and puts one of your hands between her legs. She’s burning up and wet too. You immediately feel for her clitoris and begin massaging with two fingers.

She responds by helping herself to your cock, undoing your trousers and then climbing on top of you so that she is facing out of the rear window with her breasts in your face and your hands on her hips.

Outside, you pass by famous landmarks. Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column, Piccadilly Circus and swathes of shoppers, fun-seekers and tourists. All the while, Scarlett Watson is gyrating her hips and arching her back in order to thrust her breasts towards your lips.

It’s all very clumsy, but passionate. She is in a frenzy for you: sucking your fingers and reaching down for your cock even while it’s inside her. Deep just isn’t deep enough.

“Horatio, I’m gonna cum,” she says, which doesn’t surprise you at all considering how she was going. Your only surprise — aside from the fact that Scarlett Watson is giving herself to you so completely — is that you haven’t cum already yourself.

When Scarlett cums, her wetness and tightness both increase, spurring you on to cum too. You cum inside her and your orgasm has such force that you lose control, accidentally tearing her flimsy dress with one hand.

You apologize, but she tells you not to be sorry and let’s it fall from her shoulders. Bare-chested now, she rises and then pops your cock into her mouth, murmuring as she licks up your cum from your shaft, from her fingers, from the leather seat.

“You taste so good,” she says and then slowly her manner and tone change. “I think … I think I’ve missed the premiere …”

“There’ll be others,” you say when you realize that she looks upset.

“Well, no,” she says. “It’s a premiere. That’s the point.”

She seems to taste cum in her mouth for the first time and frowns.

“Balla, ahk-du,” you whisper into her ear and her eyes light up. “Scarlett ahk-du … kum-balla.”

The End