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(The Premiere, continued...)

“How many times have you seen Scarlett Watson getting it on in the back of your car?” you ask the driver.

“Never,” he says.

“So shut up,” you say. “What’s wrong with you?”

The driver shrugs. As he drives, he keeps checking his rear-view mirror like he’s on a driving test.

“I don’t know what’s come over me,” Scarlett apologizes. “But I think I’ll be better if I can … have your cock in my mouth.”

“Let’s try that,” you say and moments later Scarlett Watson is going down on you in the back of her limo.

“How does that feel?” she asks.

“Er … how about incredible?” you say.

“I was thinking about getting the tip of my tongue pierced …”

“No,” you manage to say. “No … need …”

Her beautiful, painted lips spread around your cock and she moves meticulously, determined to leave no square inch unsucked. While she sucks you off, she reaches between her legs with one hand and toys with her clit.

“Don’t cum,” she warns you. “You have to fuck me first.”

When the moment comes, Scarlett turns, raises her red silk dress and sits gently on your lap, her slick pussy enveloping your cock. It’s better even than you had imagined.

As she moves gently against you, you reach around and hold her breasts, massaging her. She puts her hands over yours, assisting, showing you just how she likes it. You can see that she is enjoying being viewed by the driver to and plays up to him whenever he glances in the mirror.

“Oooh, Horatio, that feels great.”

She starts with small noises of pleasure and then builds, increasing in volume, duration and pitch.

Her body is quivering as she rises and says:

“I need you to fuck me now,” she says. “Enough teasing.”

You oblige, holding her by the hips and thrusting into her pussy. She grunts and meets each thrust by pushing back against you, maximizing penetration. She wants to feel filled by you.

The sound of slapping fills the car and then Scarlett is groaning again, then shrieking, bird-like, as she cums.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Then a whisper. “Yes, Horatio. Yes, Horatio. Yes, Horatio”

The driver is getting an eyeful of her beautiful face as she cums. Her mouth is an ‘O’ of pleasure. Her eyes are closed and her face is tilted, as if she’s receiving beams of sun against her cheeks.

“Oh my God, Horatio,” she says. She sounds complete.

You cum too. The orgasm had been there, keeping you at tipping point for some time, but the way Scarlett relaxes against you sends you over and you shoot your load into her. She receives it with a beatific grin. She wasn’t complete before after all. Only now is she satisfied.

The driver, however, hasn’t been able to get a good enough view of events. He now turns to look over his shoulder and is so enraptured by Scarlett’s post-coital visage, that his eyes linger for three seconds instead of two and he veers off the road.

The car slams into something and spins 360 degrees. You and Scarlett are thrown against the door before the car comes to a stop in the middle of the highway.

“Wow,” says Scarlett. “That was the most beautiful thing.”

You realize that she is still talking about you. The driver is nursing a bloody nose and maybe a cracked rib from the looks of it, but Scarlett hasn’t even noticed that the car crashed.

“When will I see you again?” she asks. She touches your forehead and her fingers come away wet and bloody. “Horatio. You’re hurt,” she observes.

You laugh.

“I couldn’t be better,” you say, the mesmerizing chant flowing round and round your head.

The End