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(The Premiere, continued...)

The bedroom is enormous and also predominantly pink, with great swathes of the color on the walls and drapes and there’s even a lifelike flamingo standing on one leg in a corner.

“Vulgar, isn’t it?” Scarlett says.

“I don’t know where to start,” you say.

“How about the bed?” Scarlett says, changing tack.

In the middle of the room is a massive four poster. It’s beautifully made-up and extremely inviting, as is Scarlett. She sits in the center of the bed and allows her red silk dress to fall from her shoulders. She runs one hand through her long, blonde hair and blinks at you. Her eyes are gorgeous, her breasts beautiful and she’s all yours.

“It’s cold,” she says. “Come warm me up.”

You climb onto the bed and she meets you halfway, on her knees now, kissing your lips tenderly and stroking your neck and chest before undoing your buttons and pressing herself against you.

You lie her back on the bed and she spreads her legs so you can lie on top of her. Together, you remove your jeans and then you slide into her. Her silk dress is now bunched up around her waist like a life belt and she wraps her long legs around your waist. Your cock is incredibly deep inside her and her eyes widen with the shock of it.

“God, you feel big, Horatio,” she whispers.

You move in and out of her and every movement is making her tremble. She throws her arms around your shoulders, shuddering, as if every stroke is an agony of pleasure.

She wails into your neck as you slide in and out. She bites her lip and even bites you in her efforts to withstand her own pleasure.

“Yes,” she says. “Now, Horatio. Now.”

She relaxes and raises her legs so that her ankles are on your shoulders and penetration is again incredibly deep. She coaxes you close and you give her what she wants, filling her to the hilt and then withdrawing slowly.

“Even my hands are tingling,” she exclaims. “You’re incredible.”

You move your hips in time to her breathing and thus become deeply entwined. The rhythm unites you and for a time you are one being, feeling pleasure as one, rising and falling like waves.

Still, every now and then you look down at her biting her lip and think:

“I’m fucking Scarlett. This is incredible.”

Her fingers dig into your arm.

“I’m going to cum,” she announces. She says it like a warning and you hang on tight.

She arches her back as pleasure rips through her. Her muscles are taut and you believe that you are seeing her at her absolute best, physically, emotionally and who knows what else. You can’t resist taking her stud-like nipples into your mouth and she gasps, her body racked with pleasure.

Eventually, she sinks back onto the bedsheets and you sink on top of her, losing yourself, unraveling, uncoiling, all the desire you’ve had for her for so long unfurling in a few perfect squirts of semen.

“Did you cum?” she asks. She’s already so wet that her pussy doesn’t feel that different now that you’ve cum inside her.

“Yeah, baby,” you say.

“Good,” she says … “but I want to cum again. I want you inside me again. How long before you’re hard again?”

“That’s not really the important question,” you say. “The important question is, how long is it until the enchantment wears off.”

“Stay the night, Horatio. Stay … the … Wasn’t I supposed to be somewhere this evening?”

“Sleep, ahk-du,” you say gently. “Sleep.”

She closes her eyes and you slide from the bed. You won’t stay the night. You’ve had as awesome an experience as you’ve ever had with any woman.

“See ya, Scarlett,” you say and slide out of the room while she snores gently.

The End