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(The Premiere, continued...)

“This shower room’s as big as my entire apartment,” you observe.

Scarlett wastes no time in stripping down to her bare skin. Her silk dress hits the floor and she kicks it away.

Then she turns on both taps, adjusting the temperature. Her gorgeous ass is perfect as she leans over the gold-plated controls.

“Do you like it hot, Horatio?” she asks.

“What a question,” you say.

Under the jet, she leans with her hands flat against the tiles. The water sprays her body, creating a fine mist all around her. Her ass is enticing and she looks over her shoulder at you to make sure she’s having the desired effect.

“You know that you didn’t have to get me into the shower to get me wet for you, don’t you?” she says. “Come on in.”

You strip off and join her under the spray. You slide your hands over her wet skin and press your erect cock between her ass cheeks. She falls back against you.

“That’s good,” she says. She squirts a fragrant gel into one hand and uses it to massage her breasts. Scarlett continues soaping herself until her nipples are fully erect, and then she bends. With one hand, reaching between her legs, she demonstrates what she wants you to do. Gently, she plays with herself and groans. You oblige.

As you slide in and out of her, you’re able to reach around her body and play with her breasts. She loves the sensation and pushes back against you.

Foam pours from her body and collects around your feet as you build your thrusts into a steady rhythm and she responds in kind, groaning and reaching back to put your hands on her waist.

“Hold me tight,” she murmurs. “Harder than that.”

The shower cubicle is foggy and water has sprayed all over the floor. You watch rivers run all over Scarlett’s body, making trails over her shoulders and breasts, her belly and thighs and ass.

Finally, she turns and kisses you deeply before sinking to her knees and taking your cock in her mouth, looking up at you all the while.

Now it’s you that’s gripping the tiles. She uses her hand to guide your cock into her mouth. Slowly. Agonizingly slowly. She deep throats your cock, still gazing up at you. You slide your fingers into her long, blonde hair and cum hard into her mouth. She continues to suck you off for a minute or two, releasing you only when she has drained you of semen. Then she stands and holds you.

“I can’t get enough of you,” she says and kisses you gently on the lips. Her eyes go misty. “Um … but I don’t know who you are?”

“Do you remember where we met?”

She shakes her head.

“I think the shower’s fine, Scarlett,” you say, as if in an official capacity.

“Great … I was … er …”

You start pulling on clothes before she comes completely to her senses, knowing that you can try the chant again if you need too.

“Can I see you again?” she says as you leave.

“Just dial for room service,” you say.

The End