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(The Premiere, continued...)

Scarlett Watson sashays over to a large, glass sliding door and pulls it to one side. It moves with a whooshing sound and now you hear the roar of the city.

You’re almost at the very top of the hotel, so you have an incredible view. There are enormous buildings all around with lights in the windows glowing orange and red and pink. The sky is dark blue, with the hint of clouds, gossamer thin, drifting slowly.

A railing prevents guests from toppling floor after floor to the busy street below and there is also an incredibly clear pool.

Scarlett says: “Are you here to enjoy the view or to enjoy me?”

No question.

You help her with her red silk dress and before long she is naked before you.

“You like?” she asks.

It must be rhetorical, you think. Again, there’s no question, particularly with the bulge in your trousers.

She massages you with one hand and then helps you out of your shirt and jeans.

It’s true. You do look at the amazing view while she lowers herself to her knees beside the pool and takes your cock into her mouth. You enjoy looking at her too — the way she brushes her long, blonde hair away from her face so it doesn’t get in the way of performing oral, and the way she gazes up at you to assess your response to what she’s doing with her gorgeous lips and her light, flicking tongue — but there’s nothing like the fact that you don’t need to do anything. Scarlett Watson is giving your cock a royal servicing.

You don’t let her bring you to orgasm though.

“Spoilsport,” she says, licking her lips.

You sit on one of the recliners beside the pool and she sits on top of you, easing herself onto your cock. She takes it slowly, although physically there is no need. She is totally wet and you are a near perfect fit for her pussy.

Scarlett gasps as she descends upon your full length, her clit sliding along your rock hard shaft.

She raises herself up and descends again to repeat the experience, slowly, oh, so slowly.

Soon, however, she finds that she has teased you both enough and she begins fucking you in earnest. The recliner skids on the tiles as she bounces on your cock. You reach up to cup her breasts and you suck her nipples while she rides you.

She doesn’t slow her pace, but rather rides you in a near frenzy as she nears orgasm.

“That’s so good, Horatio,” she whimpers into your neck.

You take control of her hips and push into her from below.

“Oh my god,” she says and relinquishes control to you. “Please, Horatio. Please.”

You keep moving like this, stabbing your cock into her and pulling her hips toward you with both hands and she continues to whimper, eyes shut tight, teeth bared.

You keep this up, feeling your own orgasm approaching too, like a train sliding and sparking along tracks.

She presses her face into your neck and sighs. You can feel her long hair against your face, her breath against your cheek and her breasts flat against your chest. Her pussy tightens slightly, over and over, and she groans.

“Oh my fucking God,” she whispers, still wincing as she cums. “Horatio. You’re so hard.”

Her flesh is as soft as you are hard and it’s not long before you’re cumming too in possibly the longest, most pleasurable orgasm you have ever had. She grips your body with her thighs and strokes your chest with her hands. She slides back and forth to elicit every last flash of pleasure from your cock.

“You’re wonderful,” she says and then she looks around, as if she’s wondering where she is. Her location seems to come back to her … but then she looks down at you and there is another, better question in her eyes. She is about to ask when you say:

“Balla, ahk-du?”

She frowns, as if she has a headache.

“Never mind,” she says and kisses you.

The End