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(The Premiere, continued...)

The two of you slip into another theater where they are showing a low-budget British movie. On screen, it’s raining. The Brits do gritty realism very well. Fortunately for you, they also do ‘empty’ fairly successfully too. There’s hardly anyone in the theater to see you slide along the back row with Scarlett.

Although she is hypnotized by the enchanted torch, she has the presence of mind to whisper.

“What are we doing in here?” she asks, folding down a seat and sitting beside you.

You shine the torch in her eyes again. They shine brilliantly, as you say:

“Believe it or not, Scarlett, you’re here to fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone bef-”

Before you can finish, Scarlett leaps at you and launches what almost feels like an attack on your lips with hers. She presses you back into your seat and hitches her dress up so that she can sit astride you. She kisses you passionately, sucking in breath between kisses.

“What’s your name?” she says.

“Horatio,” you say.

“Nice to meet you, Horatio,” she gasps and sticks her tongue in your mouth again. She sucks your tongue and tugs on your bottom lip. The onslaught of her fervor takes you by surprise and you are pinned to your seat by her hips and thighs. She works furiously at unbuttoning your shirt, kissing you all the while, and when your chest is visible she sinks her head toward your body and kisses your nipples.

“Ow!” you yell as she bites you.

“I’m sorry, Horatio,” she laughs. “I can’t help myself. There’s something about you. I want you in me.”

She slaps your hands away from your fly.

“Let me,” she says. She slides off the seat and slides your jeans over your thighs. Then she sinks her head into your lap. Your cock needs no coaxing or encouragement. It’s fully hard and feels incredible as Scarlett Watson sinks its entire length into her warm mouth. She slides her tongue all over the tip and sucks hard. She deep throats you, so that her lips kiss your pubic bone and balls.

Eventually, Scarlett comes up for air and as she does so she stands and slides her red silk dress from her shoulders. Then she crawls back onto your lap.

With knees raised high, she sits on your cock with all her weight, so that every inch of you is deep inside her, and then she rocks back and forth, gripping first the top of your chair and then, as she settles into the position, holding you around the shoulders. You hold her by the waist.

“Your hands are amazing,” she gasps and she begins to groan as she rocks back and forth.

“Shh!” someone says.

You reach for the torch, but Scarlett isn’t letting you get up.

“No way,” she says. “Not until you finish me off.”

She rides you harder and with abandon, as if this is her last chance to cum forever and she has to make it count. Her body slaps against you over and over as she thrusts with her pelvis. She’s so fit. Her skin is becoming slick with sweat, but you feel that she could keep this up for hours, not that she’ll need to. It’s going to be a couple of minutes tops the way she is pummeling you.

You never imagined yourself being fucked in the back of a movie theater by Scarlett. Well, of course you’d imagined it, but you never thought it would really happen.

“Horatio,” groans Scarlett. You’ll never forget the sound of your name coming from her mouth. Nor are you likely to forget the look on her face. “Oh, Horatio, you’re so good.”

You push your pelvis to meet her thrusts and then she’s bouncing on your cock and the chair is rocking back and forth, shivering in its foundations and creaking noisily.

“Shhhh!” someone says.

“You’re amazing,” says Scarlett. “Cum in me.”

Scarlett Watson just begged you to spray your load into her. What are you going to do?

It would be rude not to.

You groan as you cum and the sight, sound and feel of your pleasure makes her cum too.

She swears as she cums and she digs her fingernails into your shoulders and neck to maintain her grip on you as you are both bucking like mad.

“Holy shit,” she says when you are both done and she falls back against the back of the seat in front of you. Her legs are splayed and you caress her breasts through her dress.

“That was amazing,” you agree.

Gradually, you both get your breath back.

Scarlett retrieves her heels and you retrieve the torch.

You walk her back to the main screen.

“What do I do now?” Scarlett asks at the door, looking lost.

You hold the door open for her and flash the light in her eyes once more.

“Enjoy your movie,” you say.

The End