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(Tied Surprise, continued...)

You unwrap the box and open it. There are several items inside. First, you pull out a ball-gag.

Claudia’s eyes widen. “No, not that again! They made me wear it all the way here!”

The second item is a tube of lubricant. You put it on the table next to the gag.

“Oh Jeez,” despairs Claudia. She starts struggling against her bonds but to no avail. All she achieves is making her tits jiggle around in an alluring fashion.

The final item is a slim hot-pink vibrator. You twist the base experimentally and it starts buzzing so hard you almost drop it. You quickly turn it off again.

You look over at the helpless woman on the bed beside you. “Uh, I guess maybe I’m supposed to use this on you. You know, to get you in the mood…”

“You’re not going to get me in the mood with that thing! Now untie me, we’ll go to the cops, and I’ll forget about how stupid you’re being!”

You have a different idea. “Look, I’m just trying to get the best outcome for everyone. If I can get you in the mood then there’s no problem. We can both have a good time, and my friends won’t get in trouble…”

Claudia groans. “That’s the most fucked up logic I’ve ever heard in my life. What kind of moron…” Her voice trails off as she notices you eyeing the ball-gag.

“Let’s just give it a try, and if it doesn’t work, then we’ll do your plan,” you suggest reasonably.

Claudia tugs at the ropes again, her hips twisting and bucking, showing you her pussy and the base of her ass cheeks from many interesting angles.

“Besides,” you continue. “We both know you’re in on it.”

“Argh!” she replies in frustration, her whole body flexing as she pulls hard against all four ropes. Then she collapses back on the mattress, exhausted and panting heavily in exhaustion. The rapid rise and fall of her chest really shows off her tits to best effect.

You turn on the vibrator again, this time twisting the base only to the first position so the buzzing isn’t as loud. Claudia stares at it wide-eyed as you consider where you’ll stick it first.

You have to admit, this is a really awesome present your friends have got you. You’ve no idea how they managed to arrange it, but the chance to fuck Claudia is probably the thing you’ve most wanted in the whole world. It’s going to make it very difficult for you to return the favour. Maybe a case of beer. It would have to be the imported stuff, that’s for sure.

You start by making circles with the vibrator around one of Claudia’s nipples. She flinches initially but soon gets used to the feeling of it tickling her areola and flicking back and forth against her stiffening bud. When it’s nice and hard, you start on the other one.

“See, you’re getting turned on already,” you say smugly.

She sighs. “It’s just a localized reaction, idiot. I suppose I get turned on by a cool breeze too?”

Whatever — you’re no expert on anatomy. You bend forward and suck the first nipple into your mouth while you continue to perk up the second with the vibrator. When the second nipple becomes as erect and stiff as the one in your mouth you nestle the buzzing toy in her cleavage and squeeze her breasts around it, licking and sucking on both nipples in turn.

Claudia’s tits are so warm and soft in your hands, her buds so hard and chewable, that you find yourself going to town on them, kissing and slobbering all over them, until they’re shiny and glistening with your spit. You squeeze them together harder and the vibrator shoots out downward, leaving a wet trail down her stomach.

“Whoops,” you mutter, reaching down blindly to retrieve it. Your fingertips accidentally brush through her pubic fur and flick against her clitoral hood. She flinches again.

You forget about the vibrator for the moment and decide to give Claudia a good fingering instead. While continuing to suckle on Claudia’s breast you gently explore her delicate folds with your fingers, prying her pussy lips apart and sliding a fingertip down her groove to her tight little hole. She’s a little damp down there, but not exactly gushing. You rub your finger up and down between her labia, then tentatively try to insert your finger. She grunts uncomfortably so you withdraw.

She definitely needs a bit more warming up. You release her teat from your mouth with a wet pop.

“Think about what you’re doing,” she pleads.

She needn’t worry. You have been thinking about what you’re doing. That’s why your cock is so hard you could hammer nails with it.

“Don’t worry Claudia, we’ll get you in the mood in no time,” you reassure her. You find the vibrator and start stroking back and forth down her slit with it. She can’t suppress a moan whenever it presses against her clit.

“You bastard!” she says venomously. You find it admirable that she’s so committed to the roleplay.

Claudia tries to twist her hips away from you but the ropes are too tight, and it’s easy to keep the vibrator in place. After a while she stops struggling. Her pants of exertion are replaced by a different kind of panting altogether.

“Ohhh…” she moans involuntarily.