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(Tied Surprise, continued...)

You shift position down to the end of the bed between Claudia’s spread legs and shuffle in close for a good view of her rapidly-moistening girly bits. Her little pink clit is now erect and poking out of its hood. Whenever you press the vibrator against it, her leg muscles tense up and she takes a sharp intake of breath. After a while, her pussy is so wet that her juices are trickling down between her ass cheeks.

You turn the base of the vibrator to the next higher speed and start rubbing it up and down her slit more rapidly. “Nnnnghhh!” she responds, bucking her hips up and down against it.

With a smile you angle the vibrator and start to slip it into her hole.

“No! Don’t!” she gasps.

You push the plastic intruder in almost to the base, then pull it out and start fucking Claudia’s pussy with it. After the initial resistance she gets used to it. It’s probably a relief that it’s no longer pressing on her clit.

You leave it deeply embedded in her cunt for a second as you shuffle up closer, her neat little labia vibrating from tight contact with the toy. Then you nestle your face between her thighs and start flicking her clit with your tongue, while resuming your pumping action with the vibrator. The taste and scent of musky, aroused woman fills your senses.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck!” she cries as you tongue-lash her stiff clit, then seal your mouth around it and suck on it hard. You keep sucking while your tongue makes rapid circles around her button. At one point you lose grip on the vibrator due to the sheer amount of pussy juice on it. As you fumble around for a better hold, you push it almost all the way in.

“Uh uh uh ohhhhhhhhhh!” cries Claudia, her whole body stiffening. You’ve never heard a woman cum so intensely. You keep sucking on her clit as her hips buck wildly, mashing her pussy into your face.

Eventually you relent, straightening up and wiping her juices from your face. “In the mood yet?” you ask smugly.

Claudia declines to comment, electing just to lie there and pant. You fish the vibrator out of her pussy and replace it with two of your fingers. This time they slide in easily, way past the second knuckle. Her tunnel is warm, snug and oh so very wet.

“It certainly feels like you’re ready,” you continue. You start fucking her with your fingers, jabbing them in and out of her pussy with a loud squelching sound.

“Please…” whispers Claudia, her voice trailing off. She turns her head to avoid looking at you.

“Please fuck you?” you ask, unzipping your pants and letting them drop to the floor, along with your underwear. Your cock juts out, stiff and proud.

She says nothing — just looks you in the eyes, bites her bottom lip, and gives you the tiniest of nods.

You smile and toss aside your remaining clothes. You crawl between Claudia’s spread thighs and into position on top of her, stroking your cock up and down her slit before feeling your knob nestle into her entrance.

“Oh God, please be gentle…” she whispers quietly, eyes staring upward, accepting her fate.

You thrust — hard — and your cock sinks balls-deep into the welcoming embrace of Claudia’s sweet pussy. She grunts as her body is pushed up the bed to the limit of the ropes around her ankles.

You thrust again, and again, and again. Each time she grunts and is forced upward, her tits bouncing up and down on her chest. You are supporting most of your weight on your arms, slamming your hips between her spread thighs. You fuck her harder and faster, your ball sack slapping against the bottom of her ass cheeks.

“Oh God, oh God…” Claudia starts shaking her head from side to side, struggling to cope with being on the receiving end of such a rapid, powerful fucking. You have so much pent-up lust for this woman that you can’t control yourself.

“You love it, don’t you?” you pant, sweat trickling down your brow. Your thrusting gets more rapid and less deep as you near your climax and you collapse down on to your elbows. Her tits press into your chest and you feel her stiff nipples digging into you.

“Uh uh uh uh uh,” pants Claudia in time with your pumping action. You groan, feeling yourself reach the point of no return, and all-too-soon you start to cum, squirting your seed deep inside her.

Your ejaculation continues over the course of three final, sharp, thrusts that force breathless grunts from the spreadeagled girl beneath you. Her body starts to jerk spasmodically and you feel her surf her second orgasm while you lie exhausted on top of her.

After a while she gasps, “Please… can’t breathe…” and you hurriedly raise yourself off her. Your cock slips out of her gooey pussy, glistening with sperm and her own juices.

“Wow, thanks Claudia, that was amazing,” you say when you have caught your breath. “Was it good for you too?”

“Are we done?” she asks. “Will you untie me now?”

“Not until you admit that you wanted it from the start,” you reply. As convinced as you were by your earlier logic, there’s just a slight niggle in the back of your mind that needs addressing…

Claudia sniffs. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” you ask.

She pauses. “Yes, I like being tied up. Yes, I wanted you to fuck me. Now will you let me go?”