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(Tied Surprise, continued...)

You look down at the horny bondage slut — tied and helpless, cum dribbling from her pussy — completely and utterly ravaged by the power of your cock. You are still mostly hard and it won’t be long before you’re ready for round two. It seems a shame to end it now.

You smile and untie one ankle rope from the bed.

“Oh, thank God,” breathes Claudia in relief.

Then you pull the rope over to the other side of the bed, forcing Claudia’s lower half to twist. You tie it above the other ankle rope.

“Oh Jeez, what now? What are you doing?” she asks nervously.

“Just putting you in a different position,” you reply. “I need to do this carefully. We wouldn’t want you to escape, would we?”

“Oh no, we wouldn’t want that,” she replies with a sigh.

You repeat the process with the arm rope, securing both arms and both legs to one side of the bed. Then you complete the switch, flipping Claudia tits-down, and tying the ropes to the other side.

Claudia’s ass is now fully exposed to your gaze. You grab her butt cheeks and squeeze hard, then give her a slap that makes her buttock quiver.

“Ouch!” she protests.

You grab a pillow and force it under her hips, raising them up. Claudia’s ass and pussy look absolutely fucking awesome, exposed in the most lewd manner possible. You run your hands over her sexiest and most intimate curves and crevices, delighting in the feel of her soft skin, moistening your fingers with the cum that continues to leak from her pussy, and smearing it over her rounded cheeks.

Your cock is now just as hard as before — maybe even harder.

“I’m going to fuck you again,” you tell her. The girl deserves to be kept appraised of the situation.

“Well, don’t let me stop you,” she replies, sarcasm dripping from every syllable.

You position yourself between her legs again, your arms straight on either side of her, with your stiff prick nestled in her ass cleavage. You try a few thrusts, your slippery dick sliding back and forth, tightly sandwiched in her crack. This is fun, but you know her pussy is better. You quickly slip a hand down there and guide yourself into her dripping honeypot.

Again you start slamming into Claudia, your hips slapping against her butt cheeks as your pounding cock pummels her into the mattress. Again she is repeatedly forced up the bed to the extent that her ankle ropes permit, and again she can do nothing but grunt.

It’s different this time, however. While it is undoubtedly fun to pork Claudia from the other direction, you know you won’t come nearly as quickly. You can’t get the same depth from this angle, and her pussy is so wet and gooey from your previous load that you can’t get the necessary friction. Your arms will give out before you cum again.

You give it all you’ve got for as long as you can, then pull out and go back to hot-dogging her for a while, humping her butt crack with a cock lubricated in cum. You consider shoving your prick up Claudia’s asshole, but, lucky for her, you’re too tired. Instead it’s time for her to do some of the work.

You clamber over her and reposition yourself at the top end of the bed with your back against the headboard and your legs spread over each of her arms. You shuffle your hips forward towards her head. When she looks up to see what’s going on, she’s confronted by your sticky cock and balls in her face. You are expecting some resistance, but instead she gives you a hungry, lustful look. It seems that you’ve now completely broken her.

“Is that for me?” she breathes.

“A reward for being a good girl,” you reply, pressing the base of your cock with your thumb so that it is angled directly at her mouth.

Claudia stares you right in the eyes before directing her attention downward and enfolding your bell-end with her lips. You take her head in your hands and gently guide her as she starts bobbing up and down in your lap. She can only reach half-way, so you shuffle a bit closer and she starts taking you deep into her throat.

“Ohhh yeahhh,” you sigh.

Claudia can only gulp, gurgle and slurp in response as she hungrily devours you. Her tongue writhes around your shaft as she sucks it clean. An increasing amount of drool dribbles from her mouth and down her chin, connecting to your balls with gooey strings.

You start gently thrusting your hips, face-fucking her with your fingers entwined in her soft hair. She barely manages to control her gag reflex as your knob repeatedly hits the back of her throat. Every ten strokes or so you release her so that she can gasp for air. Her face and your crotch are slippery with dribble.

As you approach your second orgasm you start to jerk erratically, holding Claudia’s head down so that she can’t pull away. You sense that she’s starting to panic, but you’re almost there, so you force her head right down on your cock and hold her there while your balls erupt down her throat.

Claudia swallows frantically but can’t keep up. Her cheeks swell, then she snorts, blowing twin streams of cum out of her nostrils while she struggles against the bonds that restrain her tits-down to the bed. When you realize that she’s in actual danger you release her head from your prick and she gasps loudly as she pulls off, spluttering gobs of semen and phlegm into your lap.

You let her recover, gently stroking her hair. Finally she speaks.

“Please, I need to cum again. Untie me so we can fuck properly.”