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Two Crazy Nymphos

It’s always fun hanging out with Jennifer and her friend Courtney. You never know what crazy stuff those two nymphomaniacs are going pull next, but you’re usually happy to go along for the ride.

The three of you have had some drinks, and there’s been some good-natured teasing, usually at your expense. Then Courtney sets the tone for the rest of the night by announcing, “So, I’ve decided to whore-out Jennifer for some extra cash.”

“You have?” you ask, raising an eyebrow.

“You have?” bristles Jennifer. This is clearly news to her.

“Yeah,” continues Courtney. “After all, she’s a hot little piece-of-ass, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste. I’d like your opinion on some things though. I’d hate for her to go out there and embarrass herself by getting it all wrong.”

You grin and shrug. “Sure.”

“Great!” says Courtney enthusiastically. “Jennifer, how about you run off and find your best whore outfit, okay?”

“Yes Courtney,” sulks Jennifer and stomps off down the hall.

You and Courtney make some small talk about the weather for five minutes until Jennifer reappears. She’s wearing high heels, torn fishnets, a tiny pink spandex skirt and a tiny black bra that’s so sheer you can see her nipples through it.

Courtney sighs. “No Jennifer, not your normal clothes. Something slutty.”

“Ha ha,” says Jennifer, not actually laughing.

“So, first things first,” says Courtney in a business-like manner. “Is Jennifer fuckable? Would you pay to fuck her?”

You consider deeply for a moment. “Sure. I guess. I mean, it would depend on how much she costs.”

Courtney looks Jennifer up and down. “Well, she’s just starting out, so it wouldn’t be much. How much do you have?”

You check in your wallet. “Five bucks?”


Jennifer gasps indignantly. “Hey!”

Courtney just ignores her. “So let’s assume I’ve done all the hard work of arranging the appointment and she’s turned up on your doorstep. Show me what happens next.”

“Okay…” You stand up and walk over to Jennifer. “Hi there.”

Jennifer smirks. “Hi there stud. I guess I’m your girlfriend for tonight.”

You pull her in for a kiss and your tongues start dancing sloppily. Your hand starts on the bare skin at the small of her back, then slides down over that stretchy skirt and grips her butt cheek through the thin fabric. Jennifer breathes hot air into your mouth as your other hand joins the first, groping her ass in a highly intimate manner. Then you pull up her skirt and your hands find themselves fondling bare flesh through fishnets. Your cock starts to swell and press against her stomach.

“Nope!” Courtney pries you both apart and addresses Jennifer with mock anger. “That’s two mistakes right away! Whores never kiss their clients. And you always, always get the money first!”

“Sorry Courtney,” says Jennifer contritely. “Sir, do you have the money?”

You hand her the cash from your wallet. “Here you go.”

Jennifer looks down at the crumpled five with disgust. “Oh cool, I’ll be able to buy some wet wipes for when we’re done.”

Courtney snatches it from her hand. “All money goes to the house.”

Jennifer shakes her head. “That figures.”

“Now that you’ve got the cash, you need to make him cum and get him out of here. Time is money! There are plenty more guys in the waiting room.”

Jennifer looks at you sweetly. “How about you relax on the couch there and let me do all the work, okay stud?”

You grin and settle back on the couch, your legs spread and your bulge clearly visible in the front of your pants. Jennifer gets on her knees between your thighs. You look down at the top of her head as she busies herself with undoing your belt, your jeans button and the zipper, then wriggles your jeans down to your ankles. There’s a wet patch of precum on your underpants, which are straining to cover your erection. She tugs them down too and you feel a cool rush of air on your privates.

Jennifer takes your cock in her hand and engulfs the head in her warm, wet mouth. She starts sucking and slurping away like it’s a meat popsicle.

“Oh yeah, take that cock you little whore!” you moan, holding Jennifer’s head steady in both hands, your hips pumping forward to fuck her twitching throat while she staves off the gag reflex like a pro.

“Nope!” shouts Courtney, pulling Jennifer off you by her hair. “Condoms! Always use a condom! Either of you got one?”

You both shake your heads.

“Well congratulations, you just got Chlamydia and AIDS. Since you’re both dead already, I guess you might as well have one last fuck. Let’s see if she can get that right, at least.”