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You're Irresistible

Natalia approaches you, her eyes filled with desire and lust. She wants you, craves you, obsessed with the idea of having you in ways that are both wildly passionate and shockingly deviant. You can feel her energy as she moves towards you, and you try to step back, to maintain some distance between the two of you. But Natalia is relentless. She doesn’t let you get away; instead, she continues to move closer, her hands reaching out for your body.

“Shit Natalia, what’s gotten into you? I told you I’m not-”

“Not what?” she interrupts, then she cups her boobs and pushes them up and outward. “Not interested in these?”

“No, not really…” you stammer, but she just scoffs.

Her fingers trace over the contours of your chest, her palms pressing against your muscles as if to memorize their shape. You can feel the heat radiating from her body, her breath quickening as the horny bitch becomes more and more aroused by your mere presence. Natalia’s hands slide downward, her fingers brushing against the bulge in your pants, and you know there is no stopping her now.

“You’re just too fucking irresistible, you know that?” she purrs.

You attempt to deflect, to remind her that this isn’t what you want, but she ignores your pleas, her lips parting as she leans in to kiss you. Her tongue slides into your mouth and you taste the sweetness of her lips as she practically throat-fucks you. You try to push her away, to break free from her grasp, but Natalia is relentless. She grips your arms tightly, not allowing you any escape.

As she continues to kiss you, Natalia’s hands begin to wander lower, her fingers unbuttoning your pants and sliding inside, wrapping around your throbbing erection. Your body trembles as she starts to stroke you, her grip firm but gentle, her eyes never leaving yours as she watches your reaction. You can feel yourself losing the battle, your resolve crumbling under her touch.

Natalia’s eyes flash with excitement as she realizes that you are surrendering to her advances. She pulls away from your lips, her gaze never wavering as she continues to stroke your cock. “You’re mine,” she growls, a feral grin spreading across her face. “I will take you any way I want, whenever I want.”

And with that declaration, Natalia bends down, her lips wrapping around the head of your dick as she begins to deep throat you with reckless abandon. Your hands clench into fists at your sides, your body shaking with a combination of pleasure and panic. You try to pull away, to push her off, but the bitch refuses to let go, her mouth sliding up and down your shaft with tremendous suction.

As Natalia continues to devour you, her eyes locked on yours, you can feel the sensation building within you. The pleasure is overwhelming, your body tensing as you realize that there is no escape from this situation. You’re at her mercy, and she’s using you for her own desires. Despite your protests, despite your struggles, Natalia takes what she wants — and what she wants right now is to gargle your man-juice.

And so, as the intensity of the pleasure peaks, you give in entirely, your body surrendering to Natalia’s relentless advances. You can feel the pressure building up inside you. You try to warn her, but all that comes out is a strangled moan. Natalia knows exactly what she’s doing to you. She continues to suck and stroke until finally your cum spills into her eager throat. She swallows every last drop, savoring the taste of your seed.

It’s not enough for her. Natalia gets to her feet and pushes you backward so you fall onto the couch. She quickly pulls her knickers off from under her skirt and eagerly straddles your lap, her eyes gleaming with lust as she attempts to force your now-limp penis into her tight pussy. You instinctively try to protest, but she silences you by stuffing her lacy panties into your mouth. The silky fabric muffles your objections, and you can taste the tang of her juices where they have soaked the gusset.

Her pussy grinds against your groin, the friction slowly bringing you back to life. Her breath is hot on your face as she moans in pleasure, completely in control of this heinous act she’s committing. The feeling of her skin, so warm and alive, makes every nerve ending in your body awaken from their slumber, and soon enough, you’re hard again. Your hands reach up and grab her tits through her top and she smiles, knowing she’s won.

Natalia picks up the pace, moving her hips faster and faster, her wetness coating your cock as it slides in and out of her. She humps you faster and faster, panting hotter and heavier, and she’s soon on the verge of orgasm. She gasps for air, her body trembling while she digs her fingernails into your flesh, and then she comes, her pussy clenching tightly around you.

As she rides the wave of her climax, Natalia slows down, still impaled on your now-fully-erect cock. You feel the walls of her cunt twitching around your shaft as you belatedly place your hands on her ass, hoping to guide her continued movements so you can cum as well. You’re so close, if only she’ll keep it up for a minute longer…

But Natalia doesn’t give you a chance to release your own pent-up desire. Instead, she dismounts your body and pulls away, leaving you lying there with a throbbing erection that cries out for relief. Her panties fall from your mouth, but before you can protest further, Natalia is already walking away, leaving you gasping for breath and vowing you’ll never let the bitch get the better of you again.

The End