Explore the world of virtual sex

What is Virtual Sex?

The term Virtual Sex describes sex that isn't real in the traditional sense, but rather an approximation facilitated by a computer. It shouldn't be confused with Actual Sex which requires a living human being who is willing to touch your penis.

Many consenting adults engage in virtual sex with each other today, overcoming physical distance by use of communication technology. This means everything from emails, texting and chatting, through to webcams and online roleplaying games, and ultimately teledildonics (where you get a robot to fuck your partner for you, like in The Terminator.)

Virtual sex can actually be better than actual sex, particularly if your partner's avatar is much more attractive than they are.

But what if you don't have a real human who is willing to co-operate with you? Can you have a virtual partner too?

Dude! It's the 21st century! Of course we can fuck computers now! You can have all sorts of virtual sex with simulated partners of your choice, with varying amounts of interactivity. Read on...

Sex Dolls

Before we continue, we should mention that if you want sex with a fake woman but don't want all the hassle of involving a computer, then what you really need is a life-size sex doll. They've come a long way since the days when you needed to inflate them with a pump. Now they look and feel almost exactly like the real thing and you can customize them to look exactly the way you want. They also have many secondary uses, like allowing you to use the car pool lane, or stopping strangers from sitting next to you in the cinema. Check them out at Sex Dolls.

360° and 180° Virtual Reality Video

360° (or spherical) video records every angle of an environment at the same time using an omnidirectional camera. A common variant is 180° degree video, which focuses on what's in front of you while your mother sneaks up behind you.

During playback in VR you can move your head to look up, down and around, leaving your hands free for other things. Your position usually remains static, which is good because motion in VR causes many people to lose their lunch.

You don't technically need a headset to watch these videos, but moving the camera using your mouse is much less immersive. Luckily the cost of entry is very low - at a minimum you just need one of those cheap head mounts that you put your phone inside.

  • 4K VR Porn - Most adult tube sites only offer low-quality VR which is very underwhelming. To truly appreciate a realistic VR porn experience, you must try in 4K in a headset. High-quality adult VR sites like BadoinkVR offer a much deeper immersion and realism and allows fans to spend 30-40 minutes in VR with their favorite porn star.
  • VRPorn.com offers thousands of fully immersive 360 degree adult VR videos.

Branching Video

When DVDs were introduced, much was made of their ability to provide a choice of viewing angles and scene-selection using seamless branching. Naturally these features were mostly used for porn.

  • LifeSelector provides an online virtual sex experience using branching video shot from the point-of-view of the viewer’s avatar.

Sex Games on PC

Today’s personal computers are more than capable of rendering sexy-looking 3D characters in real-time. You can control the angle, choose the action and even touch the character in various ways.

  • Girlvania: Summer Lust is a PC game featuring beautifully-rendered girl-on-girl action.
  • 3DXChat is an adult MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) where you can connect with the avatars of real people and indulge your fantasies together. VR headsets are supported.

Browser-Based Games

The Web is awash with these mini-games that allow you to do unmentionable things to innocent cartoon women. The days of Adobe Flash are over, so HTML 5 is taking over the mantle.

Interactive Stories

Now children, all the above is very interesting, but you don't need all this fancy stuff for the best virtual reality of all. We're talking about the unlimited power of your imagination, a magical wonderland where anything is possible. We're here to help you out with customizable characters, stimulating text and interactive story branches. You're welcome!