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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Ivy...)

You think for a few seconds before responding, “Um, actually I need to go to the toilet.”

You walk quickly to the toilet and once inside close the door behind you, locking it. You pause for a few seconds to contemplate your next move and how strange everyone in your house is acting, your parents, Scruffy — you need to escape.

You turn on the fan, to hide most of the noise of your escape, and then open the window, the gap looks too small, but you have no choice, you need to escape.

You climb onto the toilet and slide your legs out of the window — so far so good. You slide yourself to the ledge of the window and slowly lower yourself down, your ass just gets through, with some resistance. With your entire lower body out of the window, you press your boobs close to your chest and drop yourself off the ledge.

Your boobs get caught, but you’re so close… your feet are touching the ground. You push your boobs tighter and wiggle. It’s painful, but you need to escape. Soon you drop as your boobs get past the window and you’re free!

You close the window behind you and hide behind a nearby bush to contemplate your next move.