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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry...)

“Ummm, yeah, I just remembered that I didn’t have a shower last night,” you lie. “So I’m just gonna go and… uhh… take a shower.”

You walk briskly down the hallway, your heart fluttering in your chest. You decide that taking a nice warm shower will help you mull over this weirdness. You push the bathroom door open and walk over to the shower and run the water while you strip. You grab your pyjama top by the waist and slide it up over your head, your nipples instantly hardening in the cool morning air. You take your long pyjama pants by the waistband and slip them off. You open the shower door and step into the water. It’s nice and warm, and the strong torrent of water pouring out of the shower head is like a massage.

The water runs through your hair, plastering it down your back, and it runs down your front, curving around your tits and flowing down your belly before running through your wet pussy lips and then dripping off.

That’s when you remember. The wish! Last night you had wished that everybody would want to fuck you instead of that bitch Jennifer. But that still didn’t make any sense. Wishes don’t just come true!

While you’re thinking you don’t hear the creak of the bathroom door opening, or the soft footsteps across the tiled floor. You do hear the clattering as someone opens the glass shower door though, but before you can turn around you feel two hands clamp down on your curvy waist. Who is it?