Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you enter the small theater wondering how this is all going to go down, you spot John, Rachel’s boss and a few guys she works with. As John shakes your hand he looks you in the eye. “Ross! Good to see you again. Rachel seems to be really excited about the play, she says it’s pretty racy. Have you had a preview?”

Feeling embarrassed you reply, “Er no, but I got an update after each rehearsal.”

The young, tall one of Rachel’s workmates who you think is called Kieran butts in, “So why is it 18 plus? Is there loads of nudity or something?”

Again you feel uncomfortable. “Er yes, quite a bit and some sex scenes.”

Kieran looks at you wide eyed. “Wow, is Rachel naked and in the sex scenes?”

You nod your head slowly trying to hide your feelings.

John smiles at you. “Interesting. She has seemed a bit freer at work, you know, shorter skirts, tighter tops, I wonder if it’s connected? It should be fun. I can’t wait to see her on stage.”

As the bell sounds you are happy to be free of them and enter the theater properly. As you take your seat you look around, the place is filling quickly and hardly a seat is free by the time the curtain goes up.

The first scene is the setting and goes over quite quickly. You know what coming in the second scene but nothing really prepares you for the site of your girlfriend actually wanking and sucking a cock on stage. You know she’s going to do it but to see it happening in front of your eyes if another thing. You concentrate as she sucks another man’s cock. You feel a pain in your pants and realize it’s the result of a massive erection. Looking around you can see all of the men in the audience watching intensely. As the play moves on, you watch as your girlfriend goes through the play, but in reality you only concentrate on the sex scenes. As she is ignoring being fucked whilst talking to her friend, Rachel pauses a little and by the look on her face you know she has just cum, something she only ever achieves by using her hand with you. As he withdraws you realize his cock is only semi erect as he too has cum. The scene where she wanks off the two of them blows your mind, and the final fucking scene is the hottest thing you have ever seen.

As the play ends to a standing ovation you realize you are exhausted as your erection has been solid since scene two. As you make your way back stage you see a number of other people you recognize from around town; friends, neighbors and a few friends of Rachel you don’t know by name.

Rachel is standing with the three guys. “Ross!” she shouts, running towards you. As you embrace you can feel her excitement. “How did I do? Did you like it? Let me introduce you!”

As you shake hands with the men who minutes earlier had been fucking your girlfriend, you feel a bit awkward as you congratulate them. “Er, hi, well done to you all, that was really good. It was, er, very entertaining.”

Ian smiles at you. “Thanks, it means a lot. Rachel is fantastic though, you are a very lucky man and she won the bet tonight!”

Rachel laughs and you look at her puzzled, just as John and the lads from work arrive to congratulate Rachel.

“John! Well?”

John smiles at Rachel and gives her a big hug, resting a hand gently on her ass. “That was amazing Rachel. How do I sign up, I wouldn’t mind being an actor! It’s only a couple of months to Christmas, are you doing that at the Christmas party?”

Rachel laughs. “You wish, it’s only acting it’s not real.”

Ian hands Rachel a fiver and Mark follows suit. You, John and the lads all look puzzled as Rachel wraps her arm around you. “Ha ha, payment for the bet — I bet them all that at least one of them would cum in me tonight and I got it right. Two out of three!”

As the guys begin to laugh, Mark replies, “It’s your fault your ass is so tight! I’m going to be bankrupt by the end of the run.”

John looks at you open mouthed. All you can do is shift uncomfortably. “Well I suppose it’s time to get you home,” you say, desperately trying to get out of the awkward situation.