Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by John...)

“How about multiple men?” you suggest. Your mind is racing with sexual fantasies and you have always wondered what it would be like if Rachel was gangbanged like a slut

She puts a hand on your chest, saying, “Babe, are you mad?”

You turn to her and blurt out, “I think it should be multiple men!”

Rachel smirks and bites her lip. “Wow, Ross, I’m glad you’re really into this — it’s kind of turning me on!” She kisses you as she mounts your stomach. “I can’t wait to have you watch multiple dicks fucking me at the same time, daddy!”

Your dick now is erect from the thought of your girlfriend being used as a cum dump and she notices this. She turns to grab your penis and also grinds her hips on you as she grabs her phone. “Now, who to call baby?”

You think about how to wreck her holes the most…