Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ThatGuy...)

You think on this for only a short while, because eventually, you say, “How about wolves?”

Rachel’s face lights up immediately. “Really?! I was hoping you would say that! I always had a fantasy about that too! Going out to the forest and all would so perfect for the scene!”

You’re happy that she’s happy about this proposition, but the end stops you. “Wait. Forest?”

“Oh, right,” she blushes, as she explains, “I mean like, we go out to the middle of the woods or something, and… y’know?”

The weight of her idea sinks down upon you in an instant. “So…you want to have sex in the outdoors?”

“In the costume! Don’t forget the costume! Though, you may have to deal with the foam head…”

There’s a silence between you, and it’s clearly up to you to make the choice. But, seeing on how she was so enthusiastic about it, saying “no” sounds like a betrayal, more than a refusal.

“Okay,” you finally say, “we can do it.”

Her face is brighter than that Christmas tree you accidentally set on fire two years ago. “That’s awesome,” she cries, as she snuggles into you with a hug. “The dimensions are easy,” she begins, “since I’ve been with you this many times…”

You both chuckle inwardly at that, before she continues. “The only thing I have to ask, is what color do you want it? I’ll have it as my color too, so we can be twinsies!”

“I’ll have…”