Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

“Lie down,” Rachel tells her friend. Monica — dressed only in pink satin underwear — lies on the soft, white bed. Your girlfriend — wearing white underwear — straddles her friend, leans over, and kisses her waiting lips. They kiss slowly and softly at first, and then hungrily. Rachel buries her face in Monica’s neck, making her moan. Monica’s hands are moving all over your girlfriend’s back and butt.

Your girlfriend’s kisses start moving south — she pushes her friend’s bra up and pulls it over her head. And she buries her face in Monica’s tits — licking, sucking, biting.

“I fucking love your body” she says, pushing Monica’s hands up and licking her smooth, perfect body all over — tits, chest, neck, and armpits.

“And I love yours,” comes the hungry reply, as Monica sits up in bed and hurriedly takes off Rachel’s bra, revealing her ripe breasts. She latches on to a nipple and sucks hard and long. And she continues to go to town on her breasts.

“Sixty-nine?” Rachel asks, and Monica nods. They throw off their panties and get in position — Rachel on top, her friend below. They start eating each other out noisily, and moan into each other’s pussies while playing with their butts. Your girlfriend must be really good at this — because you can see Monica arching her back and bucking her hips. With a load “Fuck!” she climaxes under Rachel. She’s almost overwhelmed.

“Sit on my face — I want to eat your ass,” she says, patting your girlfriend’s butt. Your girlfriend obeys, and plays with her clit and nipples while her friend eats her ass. After a few minutes of ass-eating action, Rachel cums — hard — and collapses on the bed next to Monica. Panting, the two of them cuddle and kiss each other.

You switch off the camera. With a massive tent, you walk over to the girls, hoping for some relief.

“This was the best,” Monica tells Rachel with a smile.

“It really was,” your girlfriend replies, before turning to you, “and all thanks to my perfect boyfriend.”

“Yeah, your perfect and extremely horny boyfriend,” you say, pointing to your tent.

“Oh, I’ll take care of that,” Rachel says, sitting up in bed and pulling your pants down. Spitting on her hand, she starts jerking you off. You look Monica and she too sits up in bed next to your girlfriend, who has now wrapped her lips around your cock.

With your hand in her hair, you guide Rachel’s mouth up and down your dick. With your other hand, you caress Monica’s angelic face. After a few minutes, Rachel takes you out of her mouth and passes you to her friend. After a little hesitation, Monica starts sucking you off too. Shy at first, but enthusiastic after a few minutes. The girls take turns blowing you while their hands massage your ass all the while.