Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by N t s...)

“You and me are going to the beach,” says Rachel.

“Sounds like fun. Let me just get this stuff off and I’ll get my swim trunks on.”

“You’ll be wearing a bikini, Ross.”

“Why do I have to wear a bikini?”

“Because you agreed to wear women’s clothing from now on. And that includes wearing bikinis.”

“I thought that this was only an ‘at home’ thing and I could wear whatever I want outside of the house.”

“Well you thought wrong. So get the bikini on or I’ll make you do something much worse.”

“Fine I’ll wear the bikini, but I’m not going to enjoy it.”

You and Rachel go into your bedroom and strip naked. She then hands you one of her bikinis and you put it on. She then puts on her bikini as well.

“You look really good in that bikini, Ross. You even have a little cleavage in it.”

You look in the mirror in your room and you must admit that you do look great in it. “Well I do look pretty sexy.”

“See? I knew you would like it. Now let’s get going.”

Both of you head out to your car to drive to the beach. It is only a few minutes drive. “We’re here,” says Rachel.

Both of you get out of the car and as soon as you get there a couple of men start looking at you.

“You two have nice bodies,” says one of the guys.

“Yeah, I would like to get a piece of that,” says the other guy.

“Just walk this way and I’m sure they’ll leave us alone,” says Rachel, clearly used to the attention.

You find a spot on the beach to lay your stuff down and then sit.

“What do you what to do first, Ross?”