Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ML777...)

You guide Autumn’s head up and down on the dildo until she begins to act on her own, taking it deeper into her throat and moaning to herself with her legs shifting a bit. You pull away and snap your fingers to Rachel, motioning her to come take over and teach her like she was.

Rachel stands up and walks over to take your place, first pulling her hair back and tilting her head down to better take in the toy. You sit down opposite of them and watch, your cock begging to be free. “Autumn, I’ve decided I will train you to enjoy yourself. Rachel here will help me, since I trained her long ago as my sub. I think you will grow to find a new appreciation for your abilities, and you can keep this rubber cock, I have plenty more for Rachel to play with.”

As Autumn has taken to moving faster on the giant cock, Rachel moves a hand down Autumn’s shorts and begins to gently rub, feeling the wetness covering her pink thong. “Wow, she’s already soaking her panties, sir.”

Autumn pulls her mouth off and breathes deep. Rachel goes to force her mouth on but you motion her to stop and let the girl breathe. “Oh my god, that feels so good hitting my throat. Thank you for this, I want to keep practicing till I’m as good as cheering. God I’m hot though.”

She pulls off her sweater and her shirt with it, leaving her in the pink camo sports bra. Before she can go for the dildo again you say to her, “Stop, try using your hands on it. You covered it in your saliva now work on it for practice. Lift up your ass. Rachel, remove her pants and panties for me.”

The girls do as they are told, Autumn putting up no argument as she sits on her knees with her ass sticking out. Rachel brings you her shorts and thong to show off her juice covering the cloth. Satisfied, you tell Rachel to strip down as well and she sets down her clothing next to you before returning behind Autumn and lying down, Rachel’s head between her legs. As if expectantly, Autumn raises her rear enough to let her in and lowers it to the awaiting mouth.

You stand up and begin to slowly strip, your movements catching Autumn’s lovely blue eyes. “Rachel, give her pussy some attention but be lax. We will keep that pure for her actual lover.” You doubt if he even has a dick big enough for this poor girl. Rachel obeys and begins to gently lick over Autumn’s exposed crotch to happy moans.

“Autumn I will train you to love using your mouth for pleasure.” As you say this you pull down your pants and reveal your cock, the same one the dildo is shaped after. Autumn looks at it mesmerized, stopping down on the dildo, sucking at it incessantly. You swing your manhood side to side with her eyes following.

You walk around the coffee table, moving aside the display books and magazines before pulling off Autumn’s head forcefully from the dildo. You sit yourself in front of her on the table with your cock eagerly twitching. Autumn’s impatience causes her head to move closer, her breath on your tip and smelling your musk as she awaits the order.

“Suck on me, Autumn.” She obediently does so and takes her short lesson from the dildo to your cock, staring up at you all the while. Her mouth is simply amazing, her tongue lapping at your meat inside of her while the tip pokes at the back of her throat before sliding down. She takes her time to enjoy your taste while attempting to impress you even more with her skills.

“Fuck, you are very good. I’ve decided you are not to use your mouth for your boyfriend. Only for me. Am I clear?” She nods as best she can with her head stuck on your cock, only to squeal as Rachel tweaks her clit. “Mmhmm,” she murmurs, the vibration feeling perfect on your cock.

Soon your cock is burning like mad to explode inside of her mouth. You place your hands on the sides of her head to force her to look up and pay attention to you. “You will take my cum and hold it in your mouth, showing it off to me and not swallow immediately.” Without letting her consider you pull until your tip is all that is consumed by her, and a flick of the tongue on it sends you over.

You pour your warm cum into her mouth, and her blue eyes widen in surprise but she awaits instructions. You pull out your cock and she holds her mouth open to show you it is full of cum, her breathing erratic. Rachel comes over to the front and moves her lips to Autumn, taking in some of the cum before holding her mouth open in return to show you.

“Swallow.” They obey, Rachel rubbing her crotch in satisfaction while Autumn catches her breath, panting in understanding her new job. “It tastes bitter but it’s so sticky I love it.” She looks up at you with a new smile, happier than ever.