Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

Dave slowly works his entire cock into Rachel’s throat. He works four inches in, then five, then six, and eventually all eight as his balls slap your girlfriend in the face. It’s a good thing she has her eyes closed in bliss.

Meanwhile, Jamie continues to play with her pussy while he strokes his cock, trying to keep himself primed and ready. You wouldn’t mind if it went inside her, so long as it’s covered.

Luckily for yourself, Dave points to the box of condoms on the bedside table, which Jamie sees. He takes one and stops playing with your girlfriend in order to pull the condom completely onto his cock. Once encased fully inside the condom, from tip to base, he strokes his cock once, and you can see the precum already dripping out of his tip into the condom. He flicks Rachel’s clit once, causing her to moan and shudder, before grabbing his cock by the base and pointing it home.

Slowly, you watch as his condom-covered cock gets swallowed up by Rachel’s tight pussy, and you watch as her lips spread around his shaft. Once he hits balls-deep, his balls slapping your girlfriend’s ass, she moans out. This seems to tip Dave over the edge and you watch as his big balls pump spurt after spurt of cum down Rachel’s throat. She swallows it like a champ. Dave slowly pulls out, making a pop sound when his cock is free of her lips. She then licks his tip and cleans off the rest of his huge cock. Dave pulls away from her.

“That was amazing! But don’t forget, I cum even more the second time!” Dave says. “I’ll be right back.”

He takes a condom from the box, jerks his semi-hard cock a few times, and walks over to the bathroom. Meanwhile Jamie is just pumping into your girlfriend at a steady pace. You watch the action, and as you do your mind starts to wander, wondering what Dave is doing. You glance over at the bathroom.

Dave never shut the door, so you can peer in and can see what he’s doing in the mirror. He’s got a small knife in one hand and the condom in the other. Curious, you look harder trying to figure out what he is doing.