Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“We did it! John and I kissed! And it was a real good one too! He’s a real good kisser. We were super nervous at first, but once we relaxed, it was very sexy, but the guys weren’t scared off, in fact, they seemed even more emboldened by it. They actually came and watched while John and I made out! One of them even tried to feel up my leg until I slapped his hand away. ”

You’re surprised by her response. “Really? I was so sure they’d get the hint. Maybe you and John should try again with more passion. If John’s hands are all over you, maybe they will get lose interest and go away!”

“Oh Ross, maybe I should just go up to my room?” Rachel writes tentatively.

Feeling angry about those aggressive men you write back. “No! No way some rowdy men in a bar are going to chase out my girlfriend! Especially when there’s a guy like John around. I’ve seen him Rachel. Handsome, well built, you should really make out with him, I’m sure that will do the trick. You should tell John to rub up and down on your back and legs, maybe even let him grab a boob, haha!”

Rachel writes back. “Oh my god Ross, have you been drinking? I thought I was the one that was tipsy.”

In your anger, all you can think of is how you’re gonna get those asshole guys to leave your girlfriend alone, and your brain keeps telling you to use John. “Yes Rachel, I’m serious. If you and John really go at it, those guys will bugger off. I’m sure of it. You should stand and embrace John so he can get to your ass with his hands to feel you up, and even let him get at your perfect boobs. If they don’t get the message that you are John’s after something like that, nothing will!”

Rachel hates when you get this incensed about something, a character flaw that has gotten you into a lot of trouble in the past, and she usually cuts you off. But this time, Rachel has a good buzz going on from the five drinks she’s had waiting for you so she’s not thinking straight.

“Okay Ross, John and I are willing to try. We like this bar and want to stay, so we will put on a good show and see what we get! Wish us luck!”

It’s nearly 30 minutes before Rachel texts again. “Well, I think it worked, Ross. The guys all went away and it’s just me and John now with just a couple other people.”

You were nodding off but your phone buzzing wakes you. Reading her message, you feel triumphant. “Ha! I knew it! Good thing I suggested you make out with John! We will have to figure out a way to thank him!”

“I think I already thanked him plenty,” Rachel writes back.

“What do you mean?” you write curiously.

“Well, don’t be mad, it was your suggestion, but I told John to really feel me up, and boy did he! His big hands were squeezing and massaging my ass cheeks while we kissed. Then we swirled our tongues around in each other’s mouths. John then moved a hand up and started to massage my boobs! I almost came, it was so hot!”

“Wow! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves! LOL”

“It was… very nice. Oh, by the way, I could feel John’s cock against my belly while we kissed. He was so huge and hard, it felt like a big flashlight, Ross.”

“Hahaha, I’m sure John didn’t mind all the stimulation your body gave him, thank god for him though, I’ll come up with some way for us to repay him when I get there!”

“Okay Ross, I love you so much! John said he would stay with me until you got here so don’t worry, LOL, John and I will make out like crazy if those guys come back!”

You thank your lucky stars your beautiful girlfriend has such a great boss like John to protect her. You relax and wait for the train to get fixed. It takes nearly another hour before the conductor gets back on the PA system,

“Okay ladies and gents, we are all fixed up and ready to go. Sorry for the delays, we can get moving now!”

You text Rachel the good news. “They fixed the train babe. I’ll be there soon!”

It takes her nearly 20 minutes to respond. “Oh good Ross! I’m so glad you’re on the way. John and I had to make out again because those guys came back. It’s so funny, they just don’t seem to get the message unless John and I are sucking face and groping each other!”

You write back with a suggestion. “Okay. Sorry about that babe. Keep making out with John. I’ll get there within the hour!”

“Okay! Love you!” Rachel writes back enthusiastically.

The train lurches forward to a chorus of cheers. You look at your watch and you are amazed you’ve been stuck on this train for nearly four hours while your amazingly pretty girlfriend is accosted by a gang of horny men and had to make out with her boss to keep them at bay for the last hour, and then keep making out with him to keep them away.